C-TEC TRACER Technology


The construction of the BIC SUP TRACER has received particular attention, to create light weight and super-stiff boards for optimum glide while retaining high resistance to knocks and bumps. The success of this construction is largely due to the combination of Carbon-Innegra weave fabric throughout the whole length of the board, together with a light weight low density core. The key advantage of Carbon-Innegra material is that it is just as stiff as carbon, but more resistant and durable.


1- Transparent Epoxy resin + polyurethane varnish with UV filter: High protection of the board.
2- 180gr/m2 fiberglass:
A high quality finish and resistance to small knocks and scratches.
3- Fiberglass reinforcement:
Reduces the risk of heel dents in the standing area.
4- Hybrid weave of Innegra and 152gr/m2 Carbon fiber:
resistance to knocks/bumps and superior rigidity.
5- Core:
Low density (15kg/m3) EPS foam.




C-TEC WAVE Technology



A fibreglass composite with a bamboo reinforced deck, finished in clear gloss.



1- Extra nose and tail reinforcement

2- Polymer «Top Quality» material finish

3- Fiber glass with Epoxy resin, 1 layer of 4oz

4- Full wood veneer (0.6mm)

5- Fiber glass with Epoxy resin, 2 layers of 6oz

6- EPS blank. Density 20kg 

7- Wood stringer

8- Extra rail reinforcement

9- Seamless finished rail