how to




collection 2013

presentation of the 2013 range

bic sup 2013. 



c-tec wave pro

c-tec wave pro range

for the best performances

in the waves.



ace-tec vahine

vahine boards

designed for womens.




sup soft

sup soft presentation, a good

way to start sup.



ace-tec fit

the new ace-tec fit,

for yoga & fitness





the dura-tec range presentation





c-tec classic

the c-tec classic range



sup air

the sup air, the right tool

to get in your trips.



ace-tec allaround

presentation of the range


ace-tec wing

the wing ace-tec series

11′ & 12’6.


fiber/poly ajustable

the revue of the

fiber/poly ajustable




fiber ajustable

video demonstration of the

paddle fiber ajustable.



carbon paddle

video presentation of the carbon paddle.


paddle alu

the alu pladdle and all it’s avantages.








active life maui experience

our three surfers goes to

maui islands with their sup. 



bic boat trip

tte boat trip of the three




road trip îles marquises

our three nice surfers in

a road trip in marquesas islands.




acs in lyon

sup in the center of lyon,





how to

gearing up !



chose your sup



chose the right paddle



how to carry a sup



sart on your sup !




what to do when you fall




security rules




the golden rules of sup




ideal progress





turns 1





turns 2





going straight





move on your board

pivot turn

surf with your sup


taking the waves


surf !






bic sport paddle surf

presentation of sup

lessons for beginers

surf your first waves